Ingredients For Top Quality Skin Lightening Creams

Skin Lightening Creams


When people hear about skin whitening creams they think of something that will destroy their skin but that’s really not the case. We are going to look at some of the ingredients in skin lightening creams and what they do.

Compounds Used In Making Skin Lightening Cream

Vitamin C:

This item is found in almost all beauty creams, it is known to protect the skin from dangerous effects of UV rays.Ingredients For Top Quality Skin Lightening Creams


Also known as vitamin A but mostly known as retinol, it gives the skin a healthy, re-established and brighter look.


As compared to other compounds it is much stronger, just a small quantity is more effective than high quantity of other compounds.


It restrains the skin from making melanin this compound has been around for many years and has been used even in medicines. Nowadays, it is not recommended to use any skin lightening creams if it has Hydroquinone in it!

Kojic acid:

It also restrains the production of melanin, there is an enzyme produced in the body so kojic acid is used to work and control the production of that enzyme known as tyrosinase.


It is a commonly used compound found in many skin lightening creams, also restrains the production of melanin. The absence of melanin means lightening of the skin. Nowadays, it is not recommended to use any skin lightening cream with Mercury in it!

Vitamin B3:

Also known as niacinamide, it works to restrain the transfer of pigment to the skin, when you apply a cream that has this ingredient your skin will feel smooth and soft plus it will remove the fine lines that appear on your skin.

Beta Arbutin:

extracted from the bear berry, cranberry and blueberry leaves, also stops the production of the enzyme known as tyrosinase. It’s also very effective when it comes to lightening of the skin it removes all the blemishes and dark spots.

Liquorice Extract:

It absorbs dangerous UVA and UVB rays; it acts as a strong and effective whitening compound


These ingredients are all very useful to your skin and they only remove melanin which is the dark part of your skin and make your skin lightened. Always consult a Dermatologist before using any skin lightening or bleaching creams.